A Quantitative Investment Firm for Digital Assets

Cambrian Asset Management, Inc. is headquartered in Marin County, California.

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Cambrian is a long-term partner to investors which include leading institutions, as well as founders and principals from notable quantitative, hedge fund, venture capital and technology firms.

We help our investors earn exceptional risk-adjusted returns from digital assets.

We founded Cambrian in 2017 to create the investment firm we would want to work at to compound our capital. Our quantitative strategies are designed to generate exceptional returns by capturing significant upside while limiting downside risks. Our systems utilise the latest innovations in technology and data science and programmatically manage risk 24x7.

Operational challenges associated with digital assets are mitigated via a focus on risk management and high fiduciary standards in our operational procedures, compliance, transparency, and communication.

Our firm is founded on the principles of focus, intellectual honesty, integrity, rigorous attention to detail, and the curiosity necessary to engineer from first principles.

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